After Sales Service Policy

Homes built in Ontario are protected under the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan Act, administered through Tarion Warranty Corporation. As the regulator of Ontario’s new home building industry, Tarion registers new home builders and vendors, enrolls new homes for warranty coverage, investigates illegal building practices, resolves warranty disputes between builders/vendors and homeowners, and promotes high standards of construction among Ontario’s new home builders. Tarion also works with the building industry to help educate new home buyers about their warranty rights, and about how to protect and maintain their warranty. Please visit for further information.

Dunsire Developments warrants homes to be…

  1. Free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of possession.
  2. Free from structural defects, water penetration, defects in the exterior cladding, and issues with the plumbing, electrical and heating distribution systems for two years from the date of possession.
  3. Free from material or workmanship defects causing failure of a load-bearing part of the home structure, or any defect in materials or work that significantly and adversely affects the use of the building as a home.

*After taking possession of your new home, please note the specific anniversary dates of the first and second year warranties. For example, if the possession date of a home is February 5, 2013 the first year warranty would expire at midnight on February 4, 2014; and the second year warranty would expire at midnight on February 4, 2015

Important Warranty Service Documents


At these anniversary dates, Dunsire will set up an appointment with you to complete the above forms. If you are unavailable, these forms will be mailed to you. It is important you fill these out by the dates required. Otherwise, you risk voiding your warranty.

Customer Service Philosophy

Ultimately, the success of our business is dependent on building a positive, long lasting relationships with our customers. We strive on setting clear, reasonable, and honest expectations and remaining in constant communication throughout the entire home-building and warranty period. Our commitment is to exceed your expectations by ensuring we do the following:

  1. Provide emergency (electrical, plumbing, and heating) phone numbers accessible during normal and non-business hours
  2. Personally visit every home prior to scheduling trades to ensure that your service requests line up with the “Tarion” warranty guidelines and that the proper trades are lined up to complete the work
  3. Setup and attend service appointments to ensure the service appointments have met your expectations.
  4. Provide responses to your customer service requests within 1 business day.

Onsite Meetings with the Customer and Construction Team

Customer Pre-Construction Meeting

Prior to beginning the construction of your home, we will meet with you to complete the Pre-Construction Checklist. At this time the following will be completed:

  1. Meet the Construction Team so you know who is building your home.
  2. Review and ensure that the Construction Team will be building your home in accordance to your home and lot specific information including;
    • House type and elevation
    • Garage orientation
    • Options and upgrades purchased
    • Grade conditions
    • Lot grading and drainage
    • Utility easements
    • Transformer and Cable/Telephone pedestal locations
    • “Black Line” drawing showing cable, phone, pot light, extra outlet, gas BBQ lines and any additional required locations for standard features and “Option and Upgrades”
    • Anticipated excavation date and anticipated closing date

Frame Walk

We will meet with you prior to the drywall installation to ensure that the quality of your home meets the standards set forth by the “Frame Check Requirements” checklist. At this time the following will be completed:

  1. Ensure that all pre-drywall options and upgrades are constructed and installed in the proper locations and meets your expectations
  2. Answer and address any questions and/or concerns you may have
  3. To discuss next steps in the home construction process and provide an anticipated closing date

New Home Closing

This is the most exciting meeting!  The purpose of this meeting is to celebrate the completion of your new home! At this time the following will be completed:

  1. Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Form
  2. Complete the Certificate of Completion and Possession (CCP) Form
  3. Provide Customer with Home Owner Information Package
  4. Review and explain, generally, the functionality of all products that are in the home
  5. Review emergency definitions and procedures
  6. To provide an overview of the Construction Performance Guidelines for the Ontario Homebuilding Industry


Dunsire Developments will provide you with a brief guide explaining some building science behind the construction of your new home, and how to conduct proper maintenance to ensure appropriate longevity of the building components.

Additional Assistance with Tarion

Download PDF
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Second Year-End
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7 Year Major Structural Defect Form

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Do you have an After Hours EMERGENCY?

Your Customer Care Coordinator is pleased to assist you with all your concerns during regular business hours, but we are also available to you throughout the evening in case you experience the following:

  • Complete loss of heat
  • Complete loss of electricity
  • Water penetration into the home
  • Gas Leak
  • Major Plumbing Leak

Your call will go to a Dunsire Developments representative who will contact you within one hour. We will attempt to have the original contractor correct the problem. Or, if the original contractor is unavailable, we will offer alternative solutions and guide you through the necessary steps to contend with the emergency until we can address it during the next business day.

Any item not mentioned above is not considered an emergency. Your Warranty Service Office would be happy to serve you during regular business hours from Monday to Friday.

If there’s anything else we can do to make this a positive experience, please do not hesitate to let us know.