Dunsire Management

Property management made easy.

Keeping a non-principle property up to your high standards, especially in your absence, is a commitment requiring time, market and legal knowledge, tenant relations, and good judgement. A property manager takes the anxiety out of the process and makes investment ownership effortless.

Whether you are an individual investor or own multiple properties, Dunsire Management Inc. will properly assess tenant qualifications, maintain your property, convey the ever-changing landlord and tenant legislation, and closely follow local market trends that ultimately affect your investment.

For the management and leasing of condominiums, single family homes and townhomes, Dunsire Management will do the following:


  • Evaluate your property, including potential income estimates
  • Obtain and oversee the completion of all necessary documents
  • Review and process non-resident submissions
  • Provide ongoing property assessments to maximize revenue opportunities.


  • ​Oversee the rental process including fielding inquiries and hosting showings to qualified candidates
  • Conduct thorough applicant screening through credit reports and reference histories
  • Negotiate rental contracts, including rates, terms and renewals
  • Coordinate tenant move in
  • Liaise with tenants on your behalf regarding all matters related to the property
  • Provide 24-hour emergency contact and care


  • Collect and record all income and expenses
  • Oversee the payment of expenses
  • Provide monthly income and expense statements
  • Extend preferred rates on some property expenses


  • Develop and execute targeted strategies to market your property
  • Work in collaboration with industry colleagues to expand tenant searches for the property.


  • Arrange and oversee repairs, maintenance, and contractual services as required.
  • Assist purchasing equipment and supplies deemed necessary to maintain the value of the property

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