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We’re proud of our homes and our communities. We look for locations that provide easy access to all the amenities you need and build master-planned communities of single-family homes, estate, semi-detached, condos, stacked or townhomes. If you’re looking for a new home in a fabulous community in Southern Ontario, you’ve come to the right place.

Dunsire is building fine communities throughout Southwestern Ontario

Choose the community that fits your lifestyle.

  • Mount Pleasant

    Luxury Estates in Palgrave, 1-to-3 Acre Lots, Net Zero Ready

    Coming Soon!

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  • White Cedar Estates
    South Guelph

    Detached bungalofts & 2-Storey Homes on 50′ lots next to Protected Conservation in Guelph

    From the Upper


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Past communities:

  • Mill Creek Village

    Towns at Country Hills in Kitchener

  • The Crown Collection

    Next to Meadowvale Conservation Area


  • Jacob Cook Estates
    Cooksville, Mississauga

    4 Luxury Estates in Cooksville, Mississauga


  • Old Carriage Estates
    Erindale, Mississauga

    4 Luxury Estates in Erindale, Mississauga


  • Barca Verde
    Lakeview, Mississauga

    Semi-detached homes backing onto Lakeview Golf Course


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